What is a premium rate number ?

Premium rate telephone numbers have been around for 20 years and have remained the most secure method of content billing. There are generally 2 types of premium rate numbers being Domestic premium rate numbers usually 0900 or 0800 numbers which are accessible from in country only and have a surcharged rate and international premium rate or revenue share numbers which are accessible from numerous countries and are not surtaxed. Keyzone have specialized in international premium rate numbers for 10 years.

Applications for IPRS numbers include:

IVR Content billing

Content available to callers on an interactive voice response system maybe billed using IPRS.

Content such as daily horoscope, prayer of the day, cinema times, train schedules, games, reservation lines, or generally any recorded content which may require user interaction or not maybe billed in this way.

Live Voice services incl teleshopping

There are numerous services which are provided using live operators which are best billed using IPRS rather than credit cards or other.

Live chat services, tarot readings, teleshopping, financial advice, medical advice, lend themselves to IPRS billing.

Web Content billing

Call2pass is a billing system especially designed for billing online web content. The concept is simple. The content provider has valuable content he wish to sell. The web user who wishes to buy the content uses his/her telephone to call IPRS number whereby after staying online the requisite amount of minutes will be issues a password which when inputted to the web site release the content or digital good.(see web billing section for more details)

TV & Radio Audience participation

Especially suited to satellite Television and Internet radio stations which are viewed/listened to from a multitude of different countries IPRS is ideal for voting lines, surveys, dedications lines and general interaction with the stations audience through a single telephone number accessible worldwide which produces extra revenue for the channel.

Why International telephone numbers?

International numbers are accessible worldwide which means one single number published can be used for all callers no matter their geographic location. IPRS are also usefull for billing from countries that have no other billing possibilities or who have poorly paying or risky other billing solutions e.g. Iran, India, China, etc.

How does it work?

The callers calls an IPRS from his local telephone. He is billed by his local mobile or fixed operator. His local operator than pays Keyzone his share of the revenue collected or pays a transit operator who then pays Keyzone his share who then pays the service provider his share.

What does the consumer pay?

The caller pays the price to call the IPRS termination country according to the standard local operator price list. IPRS numbers are not surcharged and callers will pay the same price to the IPRS number as they would whilst calling a normal subscriber in the IPRS termination country.

How secure are the payments?

Keyzone has 15 years interconnection history with many of its current operators and all valid and no fraudulent traffic is always paid. Although most operators pay out between 45 and 60 days Keyzone also offers factoring services whereby service provider can be paid in days rather than weeks or months.

Why Keyzone ?

Keyzone is not a resellor of IPRS numbers. Keyzone is a creator of IPRS solutions and is directly connected with 30 of the worlds largest telecom’s operators. In addition, Keyzone is also service provider and understands the needs of service providers.

Keyzone are the leading creator and supplier of international premium rate telephone numbers for the last 10 years.