Audio datting

audio datting

Audiodating has been around for 30 years since the days in Europe before internet dating sites appeared being heavily promoted through print media in the 80's and 90's and still exists even today. 

Keyzone has modernized and adapted the same concept for the developing world which has a much higher penetration of telephones than internet still today(10:1) but also adding nice new features such as SMS updates, free mail boxes, and more. 

The platform is available to third parties on a white label basis to promote in any country or area. Keyzone provides the platform, the call in numbers, and the client does the marketing.

Some of the features of the Audio dating platform are:

  • All callers may open an account and receives a free of charge mail box and post their initial Profile free of charge ( costs)
  • All callers receive an account password which together with their telephone number enables profile setting adjustments at any time.
  • All callers can listen other profiles free of charge as well as skip profiles and go back.
  • All callers may leave messages in the message box of any of the profiles listened to.
  • All callers are alerted to new messages in their message box by SMS. Whereby they can call and listen to their messages immediately.
  • Female profiles are left by calling a toll free or local landline number to encourage postings.
  • Male callers, call an international revenue share number to hear postings.