Brand Loyalty Program

Many international brands use the same packaging for their products for distribution to multiple countries.

This can represent some challenges when planning client participation or brand loyalty competitions and quizzes on packaging due to the lack of “real estate” on the packaging. 

The international revenue share or IPRS  unique telephone number is ideal for brand loyalty competitions, or surveys on packaging as it is a unique number that is accessible from all countries, priced at “normal” international dialing rates and produces a revenue per minute for the brand which can cover eventual prizes etc.

What keyzone can do for brand loyalty programmes.

  • Keyzone plans and provides the correct IPRS telephone number for any project depending on geographic area and other factors
  • Keyzone implements the interactive message on it’s servers in accordance with clients design ideas or
  • Keyzone may also supply IVR design options to client presenting the best user /client interactive experiencein 60 languages
  • Keyzone also gives the client online real time access to his call statistics so he can monitor the results of a campaign on a minute by minute basis.