Bulk MMS

bulk sms

Bulk MMS Gateway

Keyzone is one of the few operators who can delivery BULK MMS as it is connected to the first and largest world MMS Hubbing center.

MT Message Flow

With the Keyzone MMS Gateway service, a client simply forwards the international-bound MMS messages to the Keyzone MMS Gateway over public internet. Upon receiving the message, Keyzone MMS Gateway does the following:

  • Queries a directory database to determine the correct recipient MMSC
  • Handles the message to ensure MM4 interoperability
  • Sends the message to the correct destination
  • Delivers messages to operators that cannot yet be reached by MMS via « virtual MMS »
  • Generates the necessary CDRs


Keyzone is the first to use MO MMS as a billing tool for content

What we offer:

  • Various international long codes for collection of MMSmesages
  • Accessibility from countries such as Turkey
  • Payout on each MMS recieved (see price list)
  • MMS forward over internet and or email.

What can be used for:

  • MMS2TV application whereby incoming MMS maybe moderated and displayed on screen
  • MMS to social networking whereby a longcode maybe attributed to a socialnetwork site (facebook etc) and all incoming MMS will be auto uploaded to the site
  • Microbilling for digital goods eg.... »send a photo of yourself and recieve a digital good »
  • Virtual premium number to be used in countries where premium SMS/MMS numbers do not exist