Call Centers

Call Center Services

call center services

Keyzone employs directly and indirectly over 300 telephone operators and offers inbound and outbound call center services both for its internal services and external clients.

Keyzone have handled inbound, live chat services, order taking, first line technical support, and outbound ,market survey's, mobile subscriber sign ups, amongst others campaigns in the past in numerous languages.

Inbound call center services Call Center Services Products & Services Orders

call center services

Product & Services Orders service is an excellent service which ensures that you don't lose any potential clients.

Should your sales team not be able to handle all the incoming sales requests, you can redirect to us all the surplus and ensure all orders are processed correctly.

Live support

call center services

The best way to support your product and services is through the telephone. All surveys show that clients feel more confortable with a product or service if they can talk with a live operator at some point in the purchasing process.

Through its worldwide call centers Keyzone can give your product or service immediate live chat support in 20 languages.

Outbound call center services. Lead Generation

call center services

Keyzone agents will call potential clients from your client database in order to identify their needs, present your company's services and set-up meetings for your sales team. With the Lead Generation service, your sales people can focus exclusively on sales.

 The advanced technology accompanying Lead Generation service in conjunction with a quality control programme at the highest level, provide you and your sales team with the best opportunities.

Telephone Surveys

call center services

With the Survey service you can periodically check the opinion of your clients on ease of acquisition, value and quality of services, promptitude of sales, employee responsiveness, understanding and solving their problems.

Mystery calls

call center services

The Mystery Calls service monitors the way in which your clients are handled by your employees. The way in which they interact with your clients is pivotal to future acquisitions and represent the basis of a solid growth for your company

Advantages of using Keyzone as an outsourcing partner

  • We are a one stop shop. Our experienced team leaders can be trained on your product and services in one language and one time whereby we can activate outbound or inbound services in over 20 languages for you so you don't have to train or deal with 20 different call center partner.(languages include : English (UK), English (US), French, Italian, Russian, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Telagu, malyalam, kanadda Gujarati, Arabic (Gulf) ,Arabic (Maghreb),Romanian, Turkish, Kurdish, Farsi, Pashto.
  • Keyzone is first and foremost a technology company and employs intelligent automated dialer techniques to quickly identify interested parties for outbound campaigns and surveys in any country worldwide.
  • Keyzone has been running VOIP voice cuircuits since it's inception and employs dedicated voip circuits to all its call centers in 7 countries.
  • Keyzone can provide your campaigns with different type of response and feedback or call in numbers from over 2000 cities in the world we provide local numbers, we provide premium rate numbers, toll free numbers, and SMS long codes for SMS response.
  • Keyzone can build valuable database of clients for your products or services in almost any country.