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What is Live CHAT

Live chat is a service in itself and provides entertainment to millions of callers every year from all over the globe.  Chat of a general social nature (social chat) can be a stand alone service or as a support for dating, or social networking websites and applications.

Social chat via the telephone is the preferred social discussion platform in many countries as it has many advantages over on line internet chat even if it does have a cost associated with it.

Keyzone Platform

  • Keyzone receives and processes over 100'000 calls per every single day for up to 5 different live chat services in over 20 languages to over 20 chat service centers. Keyzone receives traffic on its own premium rate international numbers and sends the call to appropriate chat services according to the clients needs.
  • Keyzone Live chat services platform can connect chat centers to clients via SOFTPHONE Conferencing, IP Telephone, IPTelephone conferencing, VOIP, PSTN and has a capacity of 3000 parallel calls at any one time.
  • Keyzone Live chat services platform and 24/7 management staff detect the best performing chat centers in a particular language and auto route or manual route incoming calls to that center thereby keeping over all hold times to a maximum.
  • Keyzone Live chat services platform monitors hourly chat centers performance and produces clear and understandable performance reports every 24 hours also helping to keep hold times to a maximum.
  • Keyzone staff who speak over 10 languages in total also perform manual tests on all call center providers to make sure call centers are providing the service they have been contracted to perform to a high level of professionalism.

Keyzone call centers Supported languages

Arabic (MSA) chat, Arabic (Maghrebi) chat, Hindi chat, Urdu chat, Bengali chat, Punjabi chat, Tamil chat, Telegu chat, Kannad chat, Marathi chat, Farsi chat, Pashtoun chat, French chat, Italian chat, English chat, Romanian chat, and can provide other languages on demand in many cases.

Benefits and Costs

The cost of Live chat is invoiced on a per minute basis and depends on the language. Keyzone sells each language at one price even though there may be several call centers behind the services operating at different prices. The benefits of live chat are many but include