Data Base

Database creation and management

data base managment

Need to market your products in difficult to enter countries but don't have any leads or database there?

Keyzone specialises in alternative marketing methods including database or sales lead creation in countries as far and as difficult to work in as Yemen, Bangladesh or Saudi Arabia.

  • We can create in matter of weeks hundreds of thousands of sales leads with people from whatever country that are interested in your area of activity or products.
  • Furthermore, we can also manage and work your database of leads be it created by us or not in order to turn database entries, who are potentially interested in your services or products into clients , sign ups, or subscribers.
  • So if you are looking for potential beauty product buyers in Iran, or future cruise ship tourists in Saudi Arabia we can provide you a genuine fresh and personalized listing created for your product or service. We can go a step further and sell your products on the telephone through our call center agents and/or redirect visitors to your website (see mobile / online marketing services).

Our methods of collection:

Our local call centers, using state of the art dialer technology, in French, English, Italian, Romanian, Hindi, Urdu, Arab, Bengal, Tamil,..telemarket in over 50 countries in more than 20 languages. 

  • We SMS existing databases and request expressions of interest by telephone to free of charge telephone numbers or by sms.
  • We place attractive and viral eye catching advertising on social network sites and YouTube.
  • We have local knowledge and can very often purchase local databases from vendors.
  • We have hundreds and thousands of incoming calls each day for other products and services belonging to Keyzone. We can convert these callers to other products and services using audio advertising.
  • We run satellite TV stations viewable in many regions by en estimate 100mio people where we can place advertising.

Database management

Once we have created you a database we can also manage it for you by sending the database your news and special offers on a periodical basis in consultation with you. We qualify your database entries by specific interest, by number of calls, by visits, by purchases, or other criteria of your choice.

We can also sell your products and services to your leads through our own call centers in 20 languages.

Furthermore, we keep the database fresh and up to date by eliminating any inactive entries on a periodic basis. The database is kept on our servers in our data center in Paris, France with multiple safeguard and back up facilities.

Every product and every market is different so pricing can vary quite a lot. Our services also vary from simple database creation of mobile telephone numbers to database correction with client's full profiles.