IVR In | IVR Out

IVR stands for Interactive voice response and generally refers to automated telephone answering systems which have been around in one form or another for over 50 years. From the simple personal home answering machine to sophisticated banking systems that process millions of transactions daily in multi languages using voice recognition, the IVR is part of our everyday life.


The incoming call IVR is used for handling incoming calls. There are numerous IVR applications used all around us today, including:

  • Entertainment content including jokes, dating, games,
  • Television show audience participation and voting
  • Information content such as cinema times, train and airline schedules
  • Credit card processing
  • Enterprise call handling and routing
  • Call center handling and routing
  • Governmental incoming call handling

Outgoing IVR

In recent years the predictive dialer or outgoing IVR technology has become popular. Generally used by call centers to assist in marketing campaigns the outgoing IVR/predictive dialer system calls a given data base of users and plays a pre recorded message to each one also giving each user the possibility to push various keys to vote, talk with a live operator if interested, or other actions. Other applications include:

  • Telemarketing
  • Political canvassing
  • Emergency alert
  • Surveys
  • Lead generation
  • Radio advertising


What Keyzone can do for you?

  • FREE IVR SET UP of your IVR system using XML
  • Host your IVR application on our servers in our data center in Paris, France which is connected to over 22 Tier one telecom operators and main worldwide IP backbone providers.
  • Pay as you GO per system for hosting with no minimum or maximum usage over 12 months.
  • User interface to change settings, upload voice files, erase, and change structure
  • 24/7 technical Support
  • Capacity to accept or send unlimited volume of calls by VOIP or PSTN
  • Translate your IVR script in more than 60 languages
  • Provide voice talent and studio quality recordings of your IVR script in more than 60 languages