IVR Games

Most of us have played several games on our phones, but playing a game "through" your phone is still as popular as ever. That's where we, at Keyzone, offer special, unique and dynamic IVR applications.

Virtuals games

Whilst games on mobile devices and through the internet have emerged in the last 10 years, the reality is that there are only 28% of the world's population which have access to the internet whereas there are currently an estimated 5 billion people using mobile phones. Keyzone provides callers with a chance to play games ‘through' any mobile phone or, even fixed line telephone in over 20 languages.

IVR Games may attract large volumes of callers to win any prizes on offer. However IVR games, whilst coupled with a product or brand loyalty program provides the caller with a form of entertainment as well as a potential prize thereby a creating further awareness and loyalty to the product.

Guess the Song and Artist

song and artists

We offer several interesting readymade IVR game solutions. One of the most popular IVR games you can find on our server is "Guess the Song and Artist". As implied by the name, the callers have to guess the song they hear when they dial a specific number. Music clips that callers hear through their phone are usually less than 30 seconds long.

This looks like a simple game, but to make it more interesting for callers we offer different options. For instance, in the first clip they have to guess the song. The second clip callers hear they must guess the singer. When a caller guesses corectly, he/she is then transferred to a live operator where they can claim their prize or is notified by SMS.

The game can be adapted to any language, and exists already with popular songs from different cultures such as India, Iran, China, Middle East, Eastern Europe, others. 
The prizes can also be adapted to suit the client or to support the brand.

Instant winner

instant win

The Instant Winner IVR Game has been around for many years but still is very popular! Here, for example, the 50th caller, 100th caller, or 1000th caller wins a cash prize.

This is not a skill-based game, so anyone and everyone can take part in it.

All the callers have an equal chance to be "the" lucky callers and take the prize.

The intelligent IVR system announces each caller exactly what number caller he is thus giving each caller the chance to play again immediately if he happens to be near the lucky call number and win the prize.

This IVR game is available in Chinese, English, French and other languages and prizes maybe changed  to suit a brand or product.

Secret Number

secret numbers

Along with these two, we also host another IVR game called 'Secret Number'.

Here the callers can see on the advertising media (product packaging, Television, press, etc) a number with 6 digits. Only 3 digits are visible on the media and 3 digits must be guessed in order to win the prize.

The IVR game is also called "combination" as the missing numbers are the numbers needed to open the "combination" lock and win the prizes. 

Callers call the "call-in" number and punch in three numbers they think may be the secret numbers. If the 3 numbers are correct the caller will be announced he has won a prize and be transferred to an operator or receive an SMS with instructions how to collect.

The game is well suited to Radio broadcasts and Product packaging as media platforms to launch from.

These are some of the most popular IVR games available on our server. However, what makes us a preferred IVR service provider is the fact that we can create new games as per clients' specifications. No matter what your IVR game concept is, we can create it for you on our IVR platform. Furthermore, we can adapt any game concept to the sensitivity of any local culture and language. Our platform is equipped to handle an unlimited amount of incoming calls and comes equipped with anti fraud and free disclaimer message protection for callers.

Advantages of running an IVR game on Keyzone's platform

  • Unlimited incoming call capacity
  • Free disclaimer message
  • Multitude of games formats
  • Multi Language already off the shelf
  • Multi cultural off the shelf "call In" single numbers accessible from all over the world
  • 24/7 technical Support