Life coaching

Life Coaching

Most people , whether they recognize it or not, would like to do better in their job, improve their conjugal relationship, make more free time for family and relaxation, make more money, achieve better health or simply have a more fulfilled , balance lifestyle.

It's sometimes not easy to know where to start to achieve these goals but a good starting point is a professional life coach. Using the telephone to communicate with a life coach in relation to the intimacies of your life may the best way to break down barriers and communicate efficiently.

Keyzone life coach telephone operators, many of whom are trained psychologists, are well trained to :

  • Help callers discover what's really most important in their life.
  • They'll help callers design a plan to achieve those things.
  • Work with callers to eliminate any obstacles or blocks that stand in their way.
  • Provide over the phone or over webcam face to face advice whichever caller feels comfortable with.
  • Continual and long term regular follow up to achieve success

Keyzone Live services department provide Live coaching in the following languages through premium rate billing or via webcam with payment by credit card:

  • Arab life coaching
  • Hindi life coaching
  • Urdu life coaching
  • French life coaching

Keyzone is actively looking for marketing partners to market this service on a white label basis.