Micro billing

What is premium rate billing?

Premium rate telephone billing is an alternative payment system which has been around for 20 years and has remained the most secure method of micro payments for consumers and web content owners.

Web content

Using KZI's microbilling system all digital services and products may be purchased without using a credit card. KZI Microbilling allows anybody with a touch pad telephone to purchase a service supported by KZI Microbilling K-Bill. K-BILL is available to all digital content resellers and is ideally used to sell access to on-line games, and other digital on line content as well as for the sale of digital goods specially to the unbankable and developing countries. 

There are 5billion mobile handsets in the world today whilst there is an estimated 2 billion credit cards in circulation. Billing through the telephone has numerous advantages including:

  • allows people without credit cards to access your products
  • allows content owners acces to exotic markets such as Africa, Middle East, Asia
  • allow people with no credit card to access your products
  • allows clients who do not want to use credit card as a payment method to make anonymous payments for content and goods
  • transfer the payment collection to the telephone companies
  • receive weekly payments using K bill
  • receive the highest payouts in the microbilling industry.
  • No chargeback
  • 200 country /3000 network coverage the biggest in the industry.
  • Opt for per minute billing or per call billing
  • Earn up an average of 1 USD per transaction

Telephone Content

IVR (interactive voice response) and live telephone content is best billed using the telephone.

Consumers have a high rejection rate of credit card transactionsby telephone for security reasons. Telephone content maybe chat lines, information lines, games, medical or financial advice lines, reservation lines, gambling lines, or other. Callers do not want to use a credit card over the telephone so the ideal solution is to advertise your telephone content using a international premium rated telephone number and make revenue for every minute of every call without the risk of handling payments.

Keyzone pays weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on what international premium rate number is suitable for your territory and application.

Keyzone are the leading creator and supplier of international premium rate telephone numbers for the last 10 years.

Go to downloads and see per minute and per call based payouts per worldwide network operator.