Mobile Marketing

SMS Marketing Services

SMS Marketing Services

If you have a data base of clients or potential clients that you want to keep informed of developments, new products or services, and special occasions, keyzone’s SMS push services can help.

  • SMS promotions are an effective way to do this.
  • Keyzone's SMS platform enables you to create SMS campaigns and send to your clients in minutes.
  • Keyzone SMS marketing gateway also allows you attach local geographic numbers in the text or sms long codes or premium numbers depending on how you wish the client base to respond. Voice response to campaigns may also be routed to Keyzone’s own call center or IVR for order taking, survey completion or other tasks.
  • All campaigns are tracked with regard to. Outgoing sms deliveries, and incoming response via a "live" real time statistics web tool.
  • Our SMS support team is available 24/7 for technical issues you may encounter.
  • Our SMS routes are the most reliable on the market as Keyzone owns its own SMSC and is connected to over 400 mobile operators from all over the world sending millions of sms each day.

Marketing Services / Voice Broadcast

There are some messages better said in person than through SMS. But how to call hundreds or thousands of clients or friends? With Keyzone’s Voice broadcast platform you can upload your voice message as your database , schedule the broadcast and all your contacts will be called and will hear your message.

  • There is no limit on how many broadcasts you can make. Voice broadcasting works in all countries and Keyzone can send to over 700 mobile networks around the world.
  • Follow live statistics of your broadcasts on line.
  • Insert a local, premium, or toll free number in the message for clients to call you back on and track the responses as they come in. Route responses by voice to IVR or Keyzone’s call centers in over 20 languages.
  • Allow clients to push #1 if they like the message in order to talk to a live operator or sales person (see IVR OUT for more details).