Online marketing

Keyzone not only employs it's own Search Engine Optimisation experts, online marketing, social marketing and mobile ready site developers but it has available to it over 300 online operators in 20 languages around the world who can get the word out and start the buzz about a product, service, site, or whatever the subject maybe. 

Whether it's sign ups, views, clicks or calls we can make it happen through our online marketing techniques. 

We can also handle your marketing campaign response, qualify it, and present it in a valuable way to you in YOUR language.

What we do:

  • SEO & Online,and Social, marketing
  • Graphics, mobile web ready webdesign
  • Make a „buzz" through forums,chat rooms, blogs, in 20 languages.
  • Low cost Sattelite TV channel advertising/ management to 50 million homes from the web
  • Intelligent Click2call products..
  • Online monitoring of your brand, the current mood, trends, in 50 countries.


  • We provide incoming call center handling and reporting in 20 languages
  • We provide „call in" special numbers including toll free, premium, international revenue share and local
  • We provide longcode SMS numbers for bulk campaign response
  • We provide intuitive Interactive voice response system for unmanned processing of incoming calls.