Private mobile Network (PMN)

Global Network Suisse (GNS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Keyzone and provides Direct Inward Dialing (DiD) numbering solutions for Private Mobile Networks (PMN) be it in the marin, oil, defence industries or for no mobile coverage areas , disruptive signal areas such as warehouses, and remote sites. PMN is also ideal for temporary locations, such as in the construction and outdoor events industries.

  • Cost reduction is achieved when PMN enables mobile phones uswers to become part of the internal telephony infrastructure of the organisation. Mobile phone users are able to access the same features using a fixed extension on the corporate PBX , all at no cost.
  • GNS can supply PMN system suppliers DiD numbers from 1 to 1million in all inward dialling tariff brackets with full worldwide access depending on the application. GNS is the owner of the ITU recognised non georgraphic range +882 34xx and can supply various other georgraphic and non geograhic Did numbers and number ranges.
  • Through GNS Keyzone may offer PMN integrators the correct DiD solutions aswell as through its A-Z routing service a bidirectional voice solution collecting traffic on the DiDs and terminating traffic from the PMN users using Keyzone’s A to Z LCR platform. Keyzone is interconnected with over 40 of the worlds largest telecom carriers.
  • All GNS DiD’s are equipped with unlimited inward dialing capacity and are technically supported by GNS’s 24/7/365 technical team in Italian, French, and English languages.
    Some of GNS’s DiD are equipped with SMS and MMS capability.
  • GNS’s business model is to deal only with PMN integrators whereby DiDs are supplied on a free of charge basis and in some cases revenue is also shared on  all incoming calls between GNS and PMN integrator.
  • GNS has deployed over 1million DiD to PMN clients since it’s inception.