Slide TV / Radio Vision

Slide TV RADIO Vision

Keyzone group of companies has been using patented technology to create, and manage static or slide television stations and visual radio stations since many years operating itself 7 channels to promote its own content.

The main satellite platforms available for the creation of such TV / Radio channels are Hotbird, Nile SAT and Astra which cover a combined potential audience of over 50 million households.

What is a slide TV station?

A slide TV station is a do it yourself TV station consisting of a collection of color slides which are played one after the other ( 3 seconds intervals) on air and accompanied by Audio, similar-to Power Point *(copyright Adobe corporation).

The client actually receives his own satellite frequency, an exclusive low cost TV channel at a fraction of the price of a full broadcast channel.

The economies are made even further by the fact that no broadcast or audiovisual equipment is actually needed to broadcast these channels. Clients can make their own slides and upload them using Keyzone' web tool to satellite directly.

These economic sattelite TV channels are ideal for getting the message out to a maximum of viewers across the Middle East, North Africa and Europe for a very low cost.

You could even mail us your slides and we will upload them to satellite for you, it's that simple.

All our channels are Free to Air and available 24 hours for anybody with a satellite dish and decoder.

Typical applications:

  • Info channels
  • Chat channels
  • Astrology channels
  • Teleshopping channels
  • Product marketing channels
  • Many others