Star2Fan IVR Communications platform

audio and jobs

With so much fake content on the internet, voice communication is a fresh and genuine, credible communication method that is appealing and emotional that we truly believe in.

With such qualities and with a world class technical platform behind it we believe public personalities who need to communicate with a mass audience in a personalized, and authentic way will rediscover voice and its new modern age possibilities.

  • Any performer, be it in sports, or the arts or indeed any public person, needs and wants to communicate effectively and appropriately with his or her public. Keyzone Star2Fan platform permits such an interaction to happen that is both as enriching for the fans as it is effective and rewarding for the public figure.
  • Be it the fans who want to hear what is the latest release date of a new CD or dates for concerts, new movie, play release date or the real situation regarding a stars current tabloid news...they can hear it straight from the "horses mouth "by calling the performers star2fan telephone number... the event may even become a live event over the phone....
  • Or be it the public personality who wants to get information out quickly to his worldwide fan base using the "broadcast" function ... star2fan works for all! Whereas internet based communication tools have issues with connectivity, internet penetration, false sites & profiles (e.g. Justin Bieber has over 100 different false FaceBook profiles sending the wrong messages to his public), everyone has got a phone and a phone number can't be faked!
  • Keyzone provides Star2Fan telephone numbers to public figures, entertainers and celebrity management and /or celebrity marketing companies, or upcoming stars to market themselves and communicate better with their fan base and at the same time making revenue for themselves and a selected charity.