Virtual Sports

Keyzone has developed its own virtual sports programs especially for Television broadcast. Virtual sport games are exciting, low cost, audience participation games that can be played out at any time but especially during off peek TV hours. The games are free of charge and therefore there is no element of gambling involved that might be prohibited in many jurisdictions.

The sports games include:

  • Horse Racing
  • Camel Racing
  • Car Racing

All the programs are free of charge to play excluding the price of the phone call to participate in the game. The games pay out prizes (cash or otherwise) to the winning callers who guess the winning 3 positions in order. The races winners are completely random, set by a server so nobody, even Keyzone, knows the outcome of any of the races.

The race commentaries are available in Hindi, Arab, Farsi and other languages.

Virtual sports programs are low cost television programming for off peak hours that bring in revenue from the participants through revenue sharing on the incoming calls to international premium rate numbers or local domestic premium rate numbers.

Keyzone offers virtual sports to TV stations on a revenue share basis for off peek television hours.